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12/12/2012 11:09:00 AM Email this articlePrint this article 
Rushford City Council




Members Present: Mayor Hallum, Council members Dahl, Honsey, Bunke, Colbenson

Following the Pledge of Allegiance, Mayor Hallum called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.

Motion by Honsey seconded by Dahl to approve the agenda as presented with the addition of an update on the levee recertification project. Upon roll call all voted aye.

Motion by Bunke seconded by Colbenson to approve the minutes of November 13, 2012 meeting as presented. Upon roll call all voted aye.

The Mayor asked if there were any citizens wishing to be heard with no one within to speak at this time.

There were no notifications or communications to review.

Motion by Dahl seconded by Honsey to approve the consent agenda consisting of the following:

· Approval of list of bills paid and to be paid for period ending 11/26/12.

Upon roll call all voted aye.

Elizabeth Wefel, Senior Attorney with Flaherty & Hood, representing the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities attended the meeting to discuss the results of the recent election and legislative strategies for 2013. CGMC concentrates their efforts on issues that unite greater Minnesota such as LGA, land use issues, and environmental issues. After the election there has been a shift in representation to be a larger metro area and fewer seats for greater Minnesota. Greater Minnesota cities need to work with Minneapolis, St, Paul and Duluth on LGA issues to keep it strong and viable. Charts were provided regarding the LGA payments and what a city's tax rate would be without that assistance. It was noted businesses may not be paying high property taxes, but they do pay an additional tax rate directly to the State. Discussion was held on the State budget deficit and the need to repay the school districts. CGMC will be working with legislators, Chambers and EDA's to support their five point plan; water conservation; legacy funding; MPCA regulations; annexation and detachment processes; transportation issues and so forth. Wefel encouraged city officials to contact them at any time with issues; noting the silica sand issues in our area are also being brought up by other communities and CGMC will be creating a policy position.

Chuck Ehler, Supt of R-P Schools and Greg Smith, School Board member provided a power-point presentation on the referendum to bond for the proposed EC-5th Grade facility construction, election set for December 19, 2012. Details were provided on the bi-level building proposed to be built on 9.5 acres near the athletic field; describing natural light, soil in the area, layout of building for uses, materials to be used, time line of the building process and so forth. Ehler noted there is no current debt on the building as no bonding has been done for 43 years although significant repairs and maintenance have been conducted on the structure. The time line of the school board's decision was discussed noting spending more on repairs did not seem feasible, the decision to build EC-5th grade first is to help bring new young families to the area and it is now time to invest in the future. Discussion was held on energy efficiencies and green technologies, working on storm water issues and reuse of water, future use of the middle school building in Peterson, working with the City of Peterson for that use and space, savings on transportation costs, R-P being the only district not showing declining enrollment, and what the tax impact would be to average residential units. A long term investment in the School is also an investment in the community and helps insure its health. Construction costs are low and interest rates are very favorable at this time. Citizens were encouraged to attend other information sessions and to call the school consultant staff for specific details.

Two resolutions were reviewed to renew the standards as adopted in 2011 implementing the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Statement 54-Fund Balance Reporting and Governmental Fund Type Definitions. The standard defines the way the City classifies the fund equity in our governmental funds.

Motion by Bunke seconded by Dahl to approve Resolution 2012-041 Committing Capital Improvement

Fund Balance and Revenues for Future and Ongoing Capital Improvement Construction Projects and Equipment Purchases. Upon roll call all voted aye.

Motion by Bunke seconded by Honsey to approve Resolution 2012-042 Committing Specific Revenue Sources in Special Revenue Funds.

A recommendation was received from the Economic Development Authority (EDA) to renew the Contract for Professional Services with Community and Economic Development Association (CEDA) at an annual cost of $22,176.00 for an average of one and half days per week. The price and hours of services are consistent with the contract which has been in place for several years with an increase of approximately 2% for 2013. When and if appropriate, the contract may be amended with a 30 day notice. EDA Chair Jim Wolter attended the meeting making the recommendation. Motion by Dahl seconded by Honsey to accept the recommendation of the EDA and renew the CEDA contract as detailed above. Upon roll call all voted aye.

EDA Chair Wolter also provided information on the EDA recommendation to approve the extension of the forbearance on the RLF Loan to GForce Inc for a 3rd year until November 1, 2013 when payments would restart with accrued interest capitalized, added to the principal and re-amortized for the same 10 year loan term. EDA minutes for their 11/14/12 meeting were provided for review. Wolter noted GForce Ink has been reporting quarterly, has a new CFO and appears to be focusing better and implementing tighter controls, improving the outlook of their businesses. Motion by Honsey seconded by Bunke to accept the recommendation of the EDA and grant the GForce Ink forbearance for another year as detailed above. Upon roll call all voted aye.

Public Works Director, Jeff Copley, attended the meeting to discuss various public works issues:

· Highway 43 project boring being conducted in December; January will have public meeting/open house to show whatever plans are available to present to council and public; 2013 will involve all studies and information to be gathered by MDOT and City in preparation for the project; MDOT with pay for 24' in the middle of the highway from bridge to bridge along with some storm water work and tree removal or replacement; Highway 43 will be widened by 4' from the north end ridge to Grove Street; MDOT has dedicated $1.5 million to the project; City is exploring PFA funding for the water lines that may have lead joints. Council member Honsey noted that he is a citizen who will be directly affected by this project and he is in favor of it.

· MDOT project in 2013 involved mill and overlay from Lanesboro to Rushford; we have an area of responsibility from Elm St. to Highway 43 and culvert issues by the Elevator Fertilizer plant; State inspected culverts and will report to Corps of Engineers to possibly allow us to retain the system rather than replace

· Corps of Engineers levee inspection report has indicated repairs and improvements required to be made to the levee system to meet their new standards; City has passed all areas except for encroachment issues; application for time extension to complete the work is often used by other cities as long as progress is shown each year. Motion by Dahl seconded by Colbenson to approve the draft letter of request and description of deficiencies and justification for the System-Wide Improvement Framework (SWIF) approach. Upon roll call all voted aye.

Minutes of the October meetings for the Airport Commission, Planning Commission and Electric Commission were provided for review.

Staff updates on various projects:

· Paperwork has been submitted to FEMA by Barr Engineering for the levee re-accreditation; along with O&M manuals they had updated

· Dammen sewer - attorney working on letter of agreement, engineers working on plan and cost

· Budget committee meeting of Hallum and Dahl will meet with department heads to review specifics on the budget

· Council member Honsey thanked everyone who had anything to do with the rebuilding of the Magelssen Bluff Christmas tree

Motion by Dahl seconded by Honsey that the meeting be adjourned at 9:20 p.m. Upon roll call all voted aye.

November 26, 2012 meeting minutes

Submitted by: Kathy Zacher, City Clerk/Treas.

(The above minutes of the Rushford City Council are in abbreviated form and are not official. Anyone wishing to view the official minutes may do so at the Rushford City Hall.) 21


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